Christine Weston Chandler Update December 12, 2018

12/10/18 Update: Christine Weston Chandler has reported on her Twitter that the dimensional merge is already in progress. CWC in her mindset appears to be akin to a religious prophet and that the dimensional merge is being divinely led. She mentions that the recent wildfire in California and the Romaine Lettuce recall are but two of the signs that the merge is underway.

12/10/18 Update: CWC has also reported that there are many more signs happening around the world as well as well as around herself. She claims that her energy and powers have been contributing as well and that they have been increasing in strength and frequency. She claims this has been reflected in the energy given off by her medallion as well. She has also stated that she has psychic headaches and body-numbing moments that have been coming on and off as part of the Dimensional Merge and her own developing superpowers.

The people that follow her Twitter have vigorously contested this claim saying it could be signs of an impending stroke or high blood pressure. Practically no one believes this.

12/10/18 Update
12/10/18 Update

12/10/18 Update: In other CWC news, Christine says that she has a fun dream featuring voice actress Andrea Libman on My Little Pony. She wanted to hang out with her but Discord intervened and wanted her to keep her distance from Andrea. Upon telling Discord of her lucid dream abilities, she claims she was tested in this regard by him. Discord put both CWC and himself to sleep. CWC claimed that she and Andrea met each other while dreaming and ventured into each other’s dreams.  Christine then made the unusual comment: It is fun to break so many rules and fourth walls with others who can do the same as well. The interpretation of this seems to be that she has learned how to break down the barriers in the dreamworld and use them to her advantage.

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