Amberlynn Reid: Update 10/30/2018


(Amberlynn Reid) Hey everyone so this is Becky and I’m showing you some of the reefs my mom has made and she is trying to sell at the
flea market. That’s not actually a wreath it’s just like a hanging but she’s just very talented at what she does she’s actually sold one wreath
already and I just think she’s done such a great job. Me and Amber Lynn are going to buy this one it’s really pretty yeah it is isn’t it I really like this one too I mean I kind of showed them upside down but there’s these and thus wandering and there’s this do you want me to advertise
you on here okay I’m okay this is my mom’s side it’s crafty creations by Norma check her out on Facebook the profile pic is of a snowman and the cover photo is Santa in a sleigh yeah I’m just saying she has used a lot of her time a lot of her money this one would be for probably over a
fireplace because it’s huge it’s huge and then this is the last one right here I really like the ribbon use on it oh so cute I knew you would but yeah go check her out go check my mom out on Facebook so Becky and I bought this one the lighting is kind of small mailman oh is it I’m thinking about getting that one.
(Amberlynn Reid) Oh so Becky and I got this one and Eric and Rick he actually bought something just wasn’t expecting it look at that sure what I bought one oh one hot do you love the tag on her shirt?  I’m glad you saw it so what do you do? You get your back yeah your paper hey you put your chips in there obviously this is the only Mexican restaurant I’ve ever been to where they let you get your only chick okay I want the mild.
(Amberlynn Reid) Martin yeah okay yeah this is the tomato sauce that’s probably why it’s mild this other stuff you guys. It’s that time of year hot chocolate YUM so Becky and I earlier watched was it called Grave Encounters the first one oh and now we’re about to watch the
Peter Rabbit so mm-hmm that is so soothing I like it hot.
(Amberlynn Reid) Hey guys so if you remember Becky and I and Eric and Mickey were in like a little Halloween get-together slash party slash hangout I don’t really know what to call it and Becky and I spent so much money on decorations we’re still gonna get a few more and this was like forever ago it feels like and I told you guys I’ll show you the things that we got and I totally forgot about it because we had all the stuff in bags but I just now remembered so you okay yeah I mean you okay you know you care okay.
(Amberlynn Reid) So I’m gonna um show you guys some of the things that we got oh my god my hair’s a mess don’t in that so let’s do it. So first thing like all these are just decorations so I don’t think I have to explain anything so I think it’ll be obvious besides a few things so just some garland with some pumpkins, a school, a blacklight (there’s actually two of them) that we got, but we can’t seem to find the other one.
(Amberlynn Reid) So Becky got some white sheets and she’s gonna be pouring some Halloween blood on it also with some gloves which I can’t wait to see the final product to this which obviously I’m probably gonna vlog her doing it we got some creepy cloth a keep out sign skeleton Garland a few small pumpkins just for some cute decoration not everything has to be scary and this huge guy which I love so much so we got a bag of skulls so we also got these bottles this one has a leaf on it this one is just random design oh there’s two of them that look the exact same and then this one Becky’s gonna explain to you what she wants to do with it I’m going to take like water and food coloring and mix it up and like make it kind of weird and ugly and like ooh what could be in there so like spooky yeah kind of like a morgue no not really more if you see murder house American Horror Story Jana the basement with their God those jars I’m like the weird stuff in it like that’s why I’m trying to make it.
(Amberlynn Reid) Sort of like I think it’s super windy outside again obviously we’re gonna be serving of food what we’re doing actually is we’re just gonna be serving appetizers and I got these super cute little like Bowl type things obviously this one has pumpkins and this one has schools I just got some wall creatures they’re just spiders there comes with these little stickers and then the spiders I thought that would be cute some more spiders these are glittery the glittery spiders are actually gonna be going on some of this green webbing so I think that’ll look cute I love home saying Halloween stuff is cute but yeah for the appetizers we have some pumpkin plates and pumpkin napkins I’m super excited for this but this is just a neon glow what it does is it Cascades lights onto the wall and we meant to get the ghost one but we accidentally got the hand one but that’s okay got some bat wall art which I actually had in my first apartment ever when I was in Florida and actually really really liked it a black rose set with some glittery.
(Amberlynn Reid) Whatever you want to call it – a pumpkin tablecloth. I think for this I’m just gonna fill it with candy obviously I don’t want to fill the whole thing because that’s a lot of candy and that’s just too much candy so I think on the bottom I might just get like cotton or something. I don’t know to make it look like it’s filled with candy and then just get like you know a medium sized bag and then yeah but we’ll see and then what in the world is this I don’t even remember grabbing this.
(Amberlynn Reid) What is this babe? Yeah I don’t think can you see it through the camera. Oh yeah you can. What are we gonna do with that? Just hang it almost cool something and then this is the last thing this is just a like plate for some appetizers I thought this was super cute well you see the light on the ceiling shining through the head.
(Amberlynn Reid) Hey guys I forgot to be polite. I don’t even know if this is like a part of another vlog or what my videos are all kinds of confusing right now but I just did the hugest haul of torrid, and I am so grateful like I am just grateful for people who make clothing. I’m grateful for you guys because I was able to buy this stuff. Like I just have been such a happy mood right now, that’s a good thing.
(Amberlynn Reid) I have to get a Walmart it’s super late at night. I’m talking like almost 1:00 a.m. like I’m not even kidding not even kidding. So yeah almost 1:00 a.m., but I have to go get some hash browns because there’s a funny situation that happened. I usually am the one who puts away groceries it’s just like a thing like when Becky and I go grocery shopping I put away the groceries. But with one grocery shopping a couple days ago and I don’t know what happened, but I ended up carrying in all the groceries and she ended up putting them away, which usually it’s the other way around.
(Amberlynn Reid) So I get these hash browns that are not meant to be frozen they’re supposed to be just refrigerated. So Becky put away my groceries. She didn’t know that and she put my hot phones in the freezer, and I went to go have them today.
(Amberlynn Reid)  And I was like searching that refrigerator and I’m just like where are my hash browns like I don’t want her Sam what’s happening and then I thought for a second I was like she put him in the freezer and write on the back it says do not freeze in capital letters so I was like damn it so I had to throw them away. I know a lot of people were probably thinking you could have still had them but I wasn’t even gonna do that because it literally some in the back do not freeze so I’m just gonna go buy another bag, it’s only three dollars like who cares.
(Amberlynn Reid)  But I also could have to get some hairs because I have no more hangers. I’ve like three hangers. I have all these new clothes that I gotta hang so we’re gonna do that.
(Amberlynn Reid) The mess I made from my torrid hall, and then look look at this baby he loves paper and boxes that’s just his jam their doors and now look at her birdie awesome trash Wilson trash a look like crap uh-huh look a look like crepe. Hi how are you guys today at this really bad pimple over here and it hurts really bad. And I popped it like three times, and it won’t go away. And it really sucks, you know me, that’s a fun story. No I’m saying all sober up take my medicine, so I just don’t took it and like who knows you need to remember.
(Amberlynn Reid) Babes it’s where I was at my sister’s all day and then I fell asleep at her house. And then I don’t like woke up and it was like 6 o’clock so I was recently watching Marni TV fearless, ok. And she was in kind of like a Debbie Downer mood like she just wasn’t in the greatest mood. So her mom made her stand up and do this very position and it’s supposed to help you feel better. So you want to try it with me? Sure. Ok it’s an experiment, a stand with your feet spread out like this. Smile, working your stomach do you feel better? No? It worked for me. Y’all this is some really interesting watermelon and oranges. So these are the hangers that I always use, but I use the ones with the silver hook but they don’t have any so I’m just gonna have to deal with this. So these are the hash browns that I use, and I like to put scrambled egg with it and onion. It’s so good. Oh whoops I ran over Becky Stowe, Ha ha just kidding, was it funny cuz it never happened.

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