Christine Chandler Caught Lying About Sick Kittens Begging for Money

  A major development regarding Christine Weston Chandler’s stray cats that she adopted. It has been revealed by KF staff member “The Captain” that the SonichuMerc sent Christine Weston Chandler pet supplies and medication. However CWC turned around and then tried begging for money as well. A photo of the three kittens was posted on her Twitter. It appears that the orange-white kitten has some kind of a facial injury around her right eye (which is a light blue color as opposed to the other eye). She named the three kittens. She also claimed that “Magi-Chan had been behind many of the previous day’s tweets.

Sonichu Merc called the veterinarian that treated the kittens and discovered that she had lied when she said she could not pay for the medicine. It had already been in Christine’s possession for days. Christine then kept asking SonichuMerc for more money claiming that the need in December will be particularly severe. A twitter storm ( and ( has erupted on Christine’s questionable action on simply taking the kittens for herself away from the distressed mother cat, and then refusing to hand them over to the local animal shelter for proper care when she is repeatedly begging for funds on her social media.

Christine has said repeatedly that she will keep the kittens and that she is their caretaker and that their adult cat Lucy will be their mother figure from now on.




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