CWC Extortion Plot Raises Questions

It began with Operation Kingsnake. Null was sick and tired of Christine being bamboozled by trolls that he decided to put his foot down and put a stop to this crap. An undercover investigation by Kiwifarms Christorians (The Captain and Marvin) revealed a nightmarish extortion plot against CWC by three people who extorted her for approximately $6,000. One of them has been publicly doxxed on the forums and was verified as living in Kentucky.

These three people isolated Christine on a discord channel and then threatened that CWCville would be destroyed if she did not pony up. Christine genuinely believes CWCville exists and that she is the mayor there.

And that was only the beginning of their little sadistic torture sessions according to Null.┬áIt would drive CWC over the edge and aggravate a psychotic break forcing her to retreat further into a fantasy world. Null says he went to the FBI (i.e. personally talked with the same agent who had notified him about the 2016 bomb hoax), filed a report with, then called the Green County Sheriff’s office to tell the Sheriff about the floor shitting incident.

However, the way this was handled raises some serious issues:

First: Why didn’t the people involved get in touch with the Bullitt County, Ky Sheriff’s Office? The person involved that was doxxed, doesn’t live in Green County, VA. He physically resides in Sheperdsville, KY (Bullitt County). This is where the criminal act was committed.

Second: If this could not be pursued as a criminal case? Why wasn’t there any interest in pursuing this as a civil case? Six thousand dollars plus pain and suffering, plus punitive damages and attorney’s fees and court costs would have been enough for a five figure settlement

Third: Is this just a coincidence that at the time the story broke on the forums, Null was on an airplane on an intercontinental flight out of the country? Null once mentioned to me that as a computer programmer/website developer he could work anywhere remotely.

Fourth: Was Christine being intentionally isolated? After reading what was happening in the forums, I got the impression that Christine was being manipulated into being totally dependent on the Kiwifarms people involved in this drama. I contacted someone on the outside who was also concerned about this and apparently I am not the only one to smell a rat in this whole thing. This brings up the question, was Operation Kingsnake truly done in the interests of justice?

Operation Kingsnake
Operation Kingsnake

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