Christine Weston Chandler Claims No Psychiatrist is Needed

CWC: Internet figure Christine Weston Chandler made a public statement today on his Facebook proclaiming that she is not delusional and that no psychiatrist is needed.


This was in response to several inquiries on Twitter that she receive professional help regarding her claims. CWC has publicly stated that she has magical powers that enable her to visit CWCville and the Sonichu group through another dimension and does so on a regular basis. Her beliefs in her magical powers appeared to take hold after it was revealed that she had fallen under the influence of an alleged extortion/cyberbullying plot by two trolls (Joshua Wise and Stephen Boyd). This was publicly brought to light by Null (Joshua Conner Moon) on the forum Kiwifarms after a confidential investigation by Kiwifarms staff uncovered the online abuse. The extortion has reportedly totaled $6,000 and may have been the final straw leading to this after years of trolling and harassment

A honeypot to capture the harassment that CWC has suffered was first brought to light by “Operation Kingsnake”. Later the little shop of horrors by these two trolls was further uncovered via the following threads: The Chris-Chan Extortionists and the End of EvangelionThe Bad BeginningCryzel Torture.

This investigation has not been without its critics and there are some claiming that this was fabricated and are suspicious of Null’s motives.

Christine’s claims to magic were also documented in a YouTube interview that she had with Internet Celebrity Count Dankula. Count Dankula also seem perplexed at some of these claims.

It appeared that there may have been an original intent by Null to “save Christine” as sort of a “save the world” kind of mindset. However, it appears that reality is sinking in and that any permanent change concerning Christine has to start with Christine. If someone doesn’t want help, there is little that can be done for this person.


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