Isabel Rosa Araujo November Updates

Isabel Rosa Araujo November UpdatesIn reaction to President Trump promising to issue an executive order Isabel Rosa Issued the following proclamation on his Deviant Art Account. The 14th amendment promises citizenship for people who were born or naturalized in the USA. The issue of “anchor babies” is the bone of contention regarding birthright citizenship. It has become used to describe foreigners who come to the United States while pregnant, then giving birth in a US hospital. Historically, it has stood for undocumented aliens who were pregnant sneaking across the border and then going to a hospital to give birth.

However, there are reports of other foreigners who are pregnant arriving by plane into the United States from places such as Africa, then giving birth to her baby in a hospital in the United States. As it stands, because the babies were technically born in the United States, they are automatically US citizens and entitled to welfare and other benefits under US law.

We have been a nation that has always welcomed immigrants of varying races, ethnicities, and creeds who want to live in a free and open society like the rest of us, and have something to contribute. Like most Americans, they want to better themselves and others around them. The door should never be closed on these immigrants.

However in this particular case, Trump got it right. This is not someone coming to make a better America, this is abusing the system and should not be tolerated regardless of their ethnic background or where they came from.

Isabel Rosa Araujo November UpdatesAustralatina is apparently slowly dying according to Isabel’s proclamation. It is in the middle of a seven year drought, which is apparently the worst in the country’s history. The lack of precipitation during late Autumn, Winter and Early Spring (Late October to March). Lago Fenix (one of Australatina’s main sources of drinking water) is 12 meters lower than normal and supplies 40% of the country’s fresh drinking water. Lago Cacique which supplies 12% of Australatina’s drinking water is not doing any better. It now stands only 7 meters above sea level. Its norm is 20 (13 meters lower than what it is supposed to be). Other parts of the country are also suffering from the extreme drought as well. Parts of the southern regions of the country have suffered from the ground sinking of 40 centimeters due to the decline of ground water in the aquafer.

Isabel Rosa Araujo November Updates: In a shocking statement posted on her Deviant Art account Isabel has issued a violent fight threat against landlord (David William Scarpelli) who is apparently trying to evict her. Isabel claims he is virulently transphobic and has labeled him the worst abuser since her father.

This threat was originally posted on her Deviant Art account then documented on Kiwifarms. It is well known that Isabel has had major financial difficulties for some time. She has received a considerable amount of flak for spending her disability money on luxuries such as  her extensive tattoos rather than on necessities such as rent and groceries. She reportedly has a job with the radical left organization (ANTIFA) but whether this is a volunteer thing or an actual paying job remains a mystery.

The threat appears quite serious and she has promised that she will fight her landlord to the end. It remains to be seen whether there will be an official statement by Mr. Scarpelli. Kiwifarms is keeping a close eye on this. 


Isabel Rosa Araujo November Updates
Isabel Rosa Araujo November Updates

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