Isabel Rosa Araujo Update November 27 2018

Isabel continues to radicalize and has recently tweeted a post targeting politically liberal individuals who don’t agree with her viewpoints. She has recently warned people on her twitter of someone named David Wu who is taking a poll of sex workers but secretly reporting them to the IRS for prosecution. Money problems continue for her (i.e. running short of food and being hungry) because disposable income must be diverted to purchase weapons instead of food. Isabel Rosa Araujo Update November 27 2018

Isabel also celebrated her six-month anniversary when she had her Gender Reassignment Surgery. While feeling better about having her new vagina, she still suffers from gender and body dysphoria issues with crying spells occasionally in trying to sleep. However, they are less severe than previously due to an external distraction (i.e. dealing with The Patriot Prayer and Proud Boys groups). This external distraction helps take her mind off her dysphoria. The previous tattoos and piercings were a form of “self-medication” in dealing with body dysphoria issues. However, she claims to be happier now that her penis has been replaced with an artificial vagina.

She also claims to be receiving mental health counseling to resolve these dysphoria issues as well as her involvement with Antifa, bipolar issues and double life that she must live in order to survive. In order to keep her chances of survival on her side, she is inquiring about joining the Socialist Rifle Association.

There were more difficulties with her landlord downstairs and claimed that her landlord tried to start a verbal and physical altercation with her. She pulled out a collapsible baton on him as a warning. Isabel has claimed that her landlord has a personal vendetta against transgender people. She also claims that she is in danger of being physically and/or sexually assaulted by him. Isabel also claims she has panic attacks and disassociation problems because of him. Isabel Rosa Araujo Update November 27 2018

Isabel Rosa Araujo Update November 27 2018
Isabel Rosa Araujo Update November 27 2018

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