Kiwifarms: Sisterwood/La Zorra Boondoggle

(Sisterwood Compound Photos) It was supposed to be a rural solar-powered homestead, with geodesic-style domes for living quarters, and a shared sense of community for MTF transgender women on 40 acres out in the middle of the California Desert. Unfortunately it appears to have more in common with dancing along the Boulevard of Broken Dreams. The Sisterwood Compound idea started by Greta Martela and Nina Chaubal was born with the intent of being able to construct and maintain a successful greenhouse (or successful greenhouses) along with producing income raising and selling recreational marijuana along with a coffee shop. The mission was to be a refuge or oasis for transgender individuals (primarily MTF). A Facebook group for this project was even set up to coordinate this massive project.

However, according to a series of disturbing photos obtained by a field agent with Kiwifarms, pictures of the project showed little more than a metal storage building with garbage strewn about. For the thousands of dollars that were already spent, it appears to have turned into a poorly planned boondoggle with thousands of dollars that have been thrown down a black hole. One of the proposals were just plain silly (i.e. Pajeet had an idea about sending a smartphone satellite into orbit with a spring).

Greta Martela and Nina Chaubal were the original founders of Translifeline LLC which was set up as a mental health support hotline for transgendered people who felt marginalized or were victims of abuse. However, after a controversial visit to the personal residence of Kiwifarms owner Joshua Conner Moon in Pensacola FL both of them resigned from the organization shortly thereafter. Their resignation stemmed from a dispute over spending irregularities investigated by TLL’s Board of Directors.

The clash between the two founders and KF stemmed from a thread on the Kiwifarms forums and then in an article on Lolcow Wiki (Trans Lifelineportraying TLL and the two founders in a very derogatory light. In addition, Greta was profoundly disturbed by the propensity of the forums to target transgender people that they feel are “lolcow” material in a sub-forum titled “La Zorra” and labeled as “Rat Kings”. At least one of the “lolcows” Chloe Sagal committed suicide in a very dramatic fashion via self-immolation. She had been the subject of endless ridicule and gossip from having a thread made on her on Kiwifarms forums. Greta Martel also accused KF of harassing another transgender individual to suicide who lived in South Dakota by the name of Elizabeth Waite. However, her sudden demise appeared to be more likely the the result of a careless decision. (Sisterwood Compound Photos)

Sisterwood compound photos taken by KF field agent.











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