Tommy Tooter Publishes a New Video Publicly Stating His Jewish Faith

Tommy Tooter (Thomas Jay Wasserberg) publishes a YouTube Video defending his Jewish Faith from a skeptic who is also Jewish.

This is the transcript of his video: Please note, the words in bold black are mine.

(Tommy Tooter) Well greetings everybody time Jane here my Jewishness is being challenged this morning by one what’s his name this is Moshe Ben Maimon who claims to be a Maimonides scholar and really just you instead of you know responding to my assertions he’s just like and IMing me out of you know he’s just dehumanizing me as somebody who’s a faked you and you know I keep asking these people to to justify the existence of the Zionist State its programs policies and procedures in in contrast to a Hebrew law and they no no yeah and and you know since this is my modern scholar telling me I’m not Jewish I think it’s time for me to give him a reading of manatees thirteen principles of Jewish faith principle one I believe by complete faith that the Creator blessed be his name is the creator and God for all created beings he along made makes and will make all that is created and this Creator is someone who dr. constructional does not even bother to try and comprehend because it was just totally beyond our comprehension and to put any limitations on it at all is to negate its infinite nature to just live by the rules

(Tommy Tooter) I believe my complete faith that the Creator blessed be his name as a unity and that there is no Union in any way like in me alone as our God who is was and who was to be I believe my complete faith but the Creator blessed be his name is not a body is not affected by physical matter and nothing whatsoever can’t compare to him or be compared with him see I like to call it an it because that bearded guy in the Skype thing is kind of for real which is something that dr. binstock I don’t remember if he directly said it but he sure made us thinking that this was the way it was working um you know we’re talking about flying chariots and Enoch and he lives of being taken up and who these guys were that were flying around with the fireballs and shit

(Tommy Tooter) but anyway I believe complete faith that the Creator blessed be his name is the person this last the Creator we were told was Elohim and that after you know the the the superhuman was was yeshiva I believe by complete faith that the Creator blessed be his name to him alone was fitting to make prayer unto another prayer shield shall not be made see this is where you gotta be careful because Ya Allah told us yeah you know he’s our God we shouldn’t have any other gods before him so you happy very very certain that you’re praying to him and not to one of the other gods who’s trying to pretend to be him

(Tommy Tooter) so anyway to continue I believe by complete faith that all the words of the prophets are true wait a minute where was I oh no I believe my complete beta to create a blessed be his name as the first in this the last I believe my complete faith of the Creator blessed be his named him alone is fitting to make prayer into another prayer shall not be made I bet that’s our he gotta be real careful I’m still paying for something I did in high school as stage I believe by complete faith but all the words of the Prophet I think I said that I believed by complete faith that the prophecy of Moses our teacher may peace rest upon him was true and that he wasn’t the father of all prophets had preceded him as well as all that came after him dad you know he put you what he chose in the room and asked him to write their opinion a piece of paper you leave the room and you come back and check the fishbowl with the paper in w25 slips of paper with 25 completely for answers I believe by complete faith but the whole Torah now found in our hands was the exact same one given to Moses may peace rest upon him that is something that my ancestors have been seeing too for hundreds of generations was his lab checks a Zionism so strongly I believe my complete faith

(Tommy Tooter) Bennett this is the Torah and it shall not be changed and shall not be replaced with another from the Creator blessed be his name this is what something that Jesus said about he hadn’t come to to change in love but to fulfill it and that until all the work was done not one jot or tittle not not like simply yard may be changed from the from the Torah and if we make you know even a little smudge they burn it I believe by complete faith that the Creator blessed be his name knows every action done by each human being as well as all your thoughts as it was that it is he a good fastens their hearts together and he ponders all their deeds well is that this is where doctor been stuck with you know really hammered my and honest it’s like you know God’s one and we’re all part of this genetic unity of you know

(Tommy Tooter) we’re all one we’re all connected and we’re all God’s sense organs and then I’ve come to know missus God she holds me down you know I can feel the gravity of the mother her hands on my banks all the time and and I get that when when when things are right when I’m when I’m being good and when things are being good to me the mother sends me that news flash up through my legs so father gives it to me in my heart anyway moving right along see this is what I call myself an unorthodox to do because my practice is yes and my spiritual understanding is a blending of the ancient Hebrew and Native American say anyway if yeah this heat with fashions their hearts together made Ponder’s of all their deeds now this is where the other gods come in and and you know beige got their own rules and what I’m saying is that the Zionists just don’t play by the God of my father’s rules 

(Tommy Tooter) I believe my complete faith that the Creator blessed be his name rewards all who keeps his Commandments and punishes all those who transgress his commands there’s no mandate for killing lying or stealing in the name of the state I’m sorry it doesn’t exist I believe by complete faith in the coming of the Messiah and even though he tarry and waiting in spite of that I will wait expectantly for him each day that he will come and stay the fuck out of Palestine I believe my complete faith that there will be a resurrection of the Dead at the time that will be pleasing before the Creator blessed be his name and the remembrance of him will be exhausted forever and for all eternity on Maine a big rush it got run over by a g2 train um that’s not some weapon I we tried stuff that’s it that’s where that where they were there the Native American Jews there’s the Rapa cows Oh anyway that’s my monetise Marcia what you got thanks for watching happy day bye


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