Alex Jones Infowars

It seems that 2018 isn’t working out very well for Alex Jones Infowars. His Facebook pages, YouTube channel, his Apple apps and Spotify have banned his content due to “hate speech” policies. I don’t condone his conspiracy nonsense, but technically speaking they are private companies and are free to do what they want.  The first amendment only prohibits censorship by the government, not private entities.  The justification for being kicked off is repeated violation of their terms of service when it comes to hateful and offensive speech.

Alex Jones Infowars
Alex Jones Infowars

Which by the way, Alex Jones Infowars is just as much a private entity as Facebook. So I am just wondering Mr. Jones if you will permit people to sign up and present their left-wing counterpoint on Infowars? Somehow I get the feeling he would turn this down though it would be well within his right to do so. The freedom to compete has always been an unspoken element of our constitutional freedoms. From what I understand, Infowars is alive and well on Gab was founded as an alternative to Twitter which was perceived as discriminating against conservative leaning individuals and organizations. Rather than trying to censor Infowars there should be more alternatives that follow in Gab’s footsteps.

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