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Eyadéma was a rigid disciplinarian, and prone to be somewhat hot tempered. He was an extremely hard working leader, known for keeping very long hours. His favourite hobby was game hunting. He was the longest serving ruler in Africa, remaining in power over the span of five decades. It is reported that he had more than one hundred children with several women.

President Faure Gnassingbé step down, and that the 50 year rule of the Gnassingbé family must end.

The government of Gnassingbé has responded to the calls for constitutional and institutional reform by blocking access to mobile and internet services.

It is currently Gnassingbé’s third term as President, even though he proposed a reform a few years ago to reintroduce the two-year term limits found in the 1992 constitution. The opposition parties want to make sure Gnassingbé does not run in future elections.

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